Eric Clapton With His UK Precious Rolex Replica Watches

Eric Clapton was not only well-known in the industry of music, but also a watch collector who had owned many rare and precious timepieces. In 2003, several perfect fake Rolex watches appeared on the auction, including Paul Newman Daytona, Paul Newman Yacht-Master, perpetual calendar moonphase, chronograph annual calendar and so on. All of them were antique watches which are rarely seen.

The three sub-dials are as same as the color of the dial.
Rolex Daytona Replica With Steel Bracelet

Now let’s have a look at one of those precious Rolex. The first one is a silver dial copy Rolex Daytona which also features the silver sub-dials. It is completely different from other chronograph models, so it was called as Albino at the beginning. The special timepiece was sold by more than 50,000 dollars which was a high price in 2003, drawing attention from the collection industry.

These Daytona are very rare, so they are really expensive.
Black Bezel Copy Rolex

In 2008, the Oystersteel case imitation watch appeared at auction again, being sold at a price of 500,000 dollars. The legendary story of this Daytona never ended. In 2015, it returned to the auction again, being sold by more than 1,300,000. It successfully became the most expensive Daytona at that time.